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Currently only the “Abraham Prupis” branch and the “Eisef Prupis” branch and the “Proops” branch has been re-typed to WordPress. Therefore only the “Prupis” & “Eisef Prupis” & “Proops” options in the Menu Bar above will go to the WordPress pages. The other “families” in the Menu Bar currently go to or pages. I will be adding these families to this WordPress site soon.

I completed the main part of the “Prupas/Propas” branch from the Main Menu in WordPress. However, for folks wanting to research a bit further in this branch, please use the original site at Prupas/Propas and look at the other diagrams for lost branches of the Prupas and Propis families in the submenu under Prupas/Propas.

I would like to acknowledge Paul Prupas and all his help and experince in researching the history of the Propas and Prupas and Proops Families. As a Prupis, I feel that the Prupis family, which had a great history, is now part of a bigger family, with 3 or 4 more times of stories, experiences, names, events, that parallel the incredible History of the Prupis Family. The Proops family that existed in Amsterdam, has a history from 1640 to 1849, and fade out without a trace, or so I thought until August 2014 when I discovered Proops that have Grandparents from Amsterdam.

Family Reunion at Craig and Shayna Prupis Backyard – June 1, 2001

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